Raksha Bandhan, Independence Day Long Weekend: What to do if you're not vacationing but staying home

Aug 11, 2022

Raksha Bandhan, Independence Day Long Weekend: Long weekend is here and so are vacation plans. Many have already booked their tickets and hotels and just waiting to get on board for a new adventure. With Raksha Bandhan holiday on the 11th and Independence Day on the 15th, it is one of the rare occasions when people can manage to get five days off in a stretch, of course, if you manage to work from home on Friday. 

But are you one of those who couldn't plan a vacation this long weekend? Well, you shouldn't feel like you're stuck at home. There are so many things you can do that you have procrastinated for a long time. Here are 5 such things:

Finish reading a book

Regular office and college schedules make it extremely difficult. Now, is the time when you can get your hand on that book and finish reading it. After all, with so many of your friends and colleagues on vacation,  you can get quiet time to focus.

Spend time with family

More than often, one regrets not spending enough time with their family. Cherish this time and sit more with your parents or partners. Maybe plan something special for them at home. Maybe cook something special for your parents or plan a surprise candlelight date right there at your home.

Detox with healthy food

It's not enough to stress how important one's health is. If you're one of those who always fail to have a rich breakfast or skip meals, this is the time when you start thinking about it. Also, if junk food is your love language, you can dedicate these five days to detoxing yourself. Eat your greens, drink juices, increase your water intake and flush out all the toxins from your body.

Indulge in self-care

How often do you get to pamper yourself? Try a new skin regime or book a spa at home and relax. You can skip pollution for a few days and give your skin a healthy treatment. 

Binge watch your favourite series

OTT platforms are full of diverse content at the moment. With so many shows and movies releasing, there must be a number of them that you missed. It's time to catch up. Sit for a binge watching session and discover all the new content of the genre of your choice.