Jogging to Dancing: 5 cardio exercises to practice at home during rainy season

Jul 11, 2024

Due to rain, parks become wet and slippery. In such a situation, walking in the park can be dangerous. Due to the fear of slipping, many people stop walking in the morning and evening during rainy days. Now if you have stopped walking, you can do some effective cardio exercises even while staying at home. This will reduce your obesity rapidly and you will remain fit even while staying inside the house. Know which cardio exercises can be done while staying at home.

Do these cardio exercises while staying at home

Jumping Jack- You can do a great fitness exercise like jumping jack while staying at home. This exercises your hands, legs and whole body. Jumping Jack is an effective cardio exercise which helps in reducing weight rapidly. You can do 3 sets of 50-50 in the beginning. This exercise will prove to be effective in reducing obesity. 

Rope jumping- If you are not able to go out for a walk, run or exercise during rainy days, then jumping rope for some time at home exercises your whole body. Just jump rope at a fast speed for 15 minutes. This is a great cardio exercise which exercises the whole body.

Jogging- Now you must be thinking that jogging can be done only by going to the park. This is not so, if you want, you can jog for hours by standing in one place. Older people can do this exercise. Jogging increases the heart rate. This can exercise your whole body.

Climbing stairs- What if you cannot go out to exercise? You can climb stairs inside the house. If you live in a flat, you can climb the stairs on your floor. You can do a good workout by going up and down the stairs. This exercises the whole body.

Dancing- If you feel bored with exercising, then start dancing at home for half an hour every day. Most people like dancing. With this workout, you burn calories quickly and feel happy. Dancing tones your entire body and muscles. Dancing is a good exercise to burn fat in the body.