World Chocolate Day 2024: 5 delectable recipes to make at home for your loved ones

Jul 08, 2024

Chocolate Day is celebrated annually on July 7th, marking the day when chocolate was first introduced to Europe in 1550, and what better way to celebrate than by whipping up some homemade magic? Skip the usual boxes of chocolates this year and impress your loved ones (or treat yourself!) with these five irresistible and easy-to-make chocolate recipes.

Chocolate-covered strawberries with a twist: 

Give this classic treat a sophisticated twist. Instead of plain melted chocolate, infuse your dark or milk chocolate with a hint of orange zest or a pinch of chilli powder for an unexpected kick. After dipping the strawberries, let them cool on a parchment-lined tray. For an elegant touch, drizzle melted white chocolate over the top and sprinkle with a touch of sea salt before the chocolate sets

Hot chocolate with a homemade touch: 

Try this homemade hot chocolate that is on a whole new level. Instead of just using cocoa powder, try different types of chocolates like bittersweet, milk, or even white chocolate for a richer flavour profile. Add a pinch of cinnamon, cayenne pepper, or a splash of coffee for extra warmth and depth. And don’t forget the marshmallows!

Rich and velvety chocolate fudge: 

Indulge yourself in this delicious chocolate fudge, a recipe that promises smooth, chocolatey bliss. Even if you've never made fudge before, this simple recipe from Britannia SnackInc will ensure you get perfect and tasty results every time. Just mix melted chocolate, condensed milk, and walnuts, refrigerate, and your fudge is ready. 

Versatile chocolate bark:

Chocolate bark is the perfect canvas for your creativity. Melt your favourite chocolate—dark, milk, or white—and spread it thinly on a parchment-lined baking sheet. Then, let your imagination run wild with toppings! Go beyond the usual nuts and dried fruits. Try adding crushed pretzels for a salty-sweet crunch, chopped candied ginger for a spicy kick, or even crumbled cookies for a fun twist.

Decadent chocolate cake: 

No list of chocolate recipes is complete without a classic chocolate cake. This rich and moist cake is perfect for any celebration. Combine cocoa powder, flour, sugar, eggs, and butter to create a smooth batter. Bake until perfectly risen, and finish with a creamy chocolate frosting. For an extra twist, sprinkle your cake or coat your frosting with crushed Britannia Bourbon biscuits. The biscuits add a delightful crunch and a burst of chocolatey flavour, making the cake even more delicious.

This Chocolate Day, skip the generic gifts and create something truly special with these five delicious and surprisingly easy chocolate recipes.