Want to lose weight quickly? Add bottle gourd to your diet, know other benefits

Jul 08, 2024

Bottle gourd is a vegetable that may seem boring to eat but it is very beneficial in terms of health. By consuming it, you can control increasing weight. Bottle gourd, rich in fibre properties, has fewer calories and more water. These properties can help you in weight loss. So, if your weight is increasing rapidly, then definitely include this vegetable in your diet. Along with this, it also contains vitamins C, B and K as well as minerals like calcium, magnesium, iron and zinc which are beneficial for health. Baba Ramdev also recommends eating a bottle gourd to reduce increasing weight. Come, let's know how to consume bottle gourd to lose weight.

To lose weight, consume gourd like this:

  • Drink gourd juice: If you want to lose weight fast, then include gourd juice in your diet. Drink its juice on an empty stomach in the morning. It helps in boosting your weak metabolism and reducing weight.
  • Eat as a salad: Salad is the most important part of your diet during the weight loss process. You can include a bottle gourd salad in your lunch plate. Grate the bottle gourd and mix it with curd, roasted cumin seeds and coriander leaves to make a healthy and protein-rich salad. 
  • Make soup: You can use bottle gourd in the form of soup in your evening snack. It is healthy as well as nutritious…you can make bottle gourd soup even more nutritious by adding tomatoes and lentils to it.  
  • Prepare cheela: Cheela is beneficial for our health. You can make and eat bottle gourd cheela in your dinner. You can prepare its cheela by grinding the bottle gourd finely and adding roasted cumin, salt, turmeric, masala and gram flour to it.  

Eating gourd will give you these other health benefits:

Eating gourd not only reduces obesity but also protects you from many diseases. The fibre present in the gourd removes the problem of constipation, which makes bowel movement easier. The dietary fibre and healthy fats present in gourd also reduce cholesterol. Consuming it also controls blood sugar.