Anant Ambani-Radhika Merchant's 'Mameru' ceremony held in Mumbai, know about this wedding festivity here

Jul 06, 2024

Anant Ambani's wedding festivities started on Wednesday. On July 3, the Mameru ceremony was held at the Ambani family's residence, Antilia; which was celebrated lavishly. All the glimpses of this celebration are going viral on social media at this time, in which glimpses of guests' arrival to the rituals performed in the ceremony have been seen. But do you know what is Mameru ceremony and how many days before the wedding it needs to be celebrated?

What is the Mameru ritual?

In Gujarati culture, the custom of mosalu is observed a few days prior to the wedding ceremony. The groom's mother's side of the family, in this case Nita Ambani's, visited the home in Mosalu to bless the couple and bring gifts and offerings. Her mother, Smt. Purnima Dalal, and her sister, Ms. Mamta Dalal, led the delegation. A customary set of presents known as "Mameru" was given to the bride and groom by the groom's maternal aunts and relatives. Mosalu and Mameru are a reflection of how the extended family is treated and included in wedding celebrations. These events serve to emphasize the significance of the nuptials for the larger family and provide a chance for them to gather together and celebrate. During this ceremony, the whole family gathers and blesses the would-be bride and groom. 

From celebrities like and Manushi Chhillar to the entire Ambani family came together for this wedding festivity. Isha Ambani and Shloka Mehta were arguably the best dressed at this event as they dazzled in traditional outfits. 

Antilia decorated for Mameru ceremony

It is worth noting that Antilia was decorated like a bride for the Mameru ceremony taking place on July 3. Antilia, decorated with unique lights and flowers, looks no less beautiful than a palace. To enhance its beauty, golden lights were also installed all around, in which the shine of Antilia was worth seeing. Apart from this, a digital screen with a caricature of Anant and Radhika has also been installed at the outside gate, which reads, "All the Best". Currently, photos and videos of this ceremony are dominating social media. 

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