What is Nautapa? Know the start date of 9 days of severe heat and precautions to take

May 25, 2024

This time the heat is intense in May. It seems as if a fire starts pouring from the sky in the morning. However, the heat will increase its intensity as 'Nautapa' is starting from May 25. 

What is Nautapa?

Nautapa means the upcoming 9 days will be severely hot. During these 9 days, heat will be at its peak. Nautapa, also known as Navtaap, happens during the first 9 days of the month of Jyeshtha. At this time the Sun transits in Rohini Nakshatra. These nine days are the hottest days of the year. In such a weather condition, you need to be very careful. 

The temperature will skyrocket from May 25 to June 3. If we talk about Delhi-NCR, the temperature can reach 47 degrees in the upcoming 9 days. Hospitals have been alerted given the scorching heat. If you want your family to stay healthy, then take special care of these things.

Take care of these things to avoid the extreme heat

Keep drinking plenty of water- To reduce the body temperature, it is most important to stay hydrated. To neutralize the effect of heat, keep drinking liquids like water, lemonade, coconut water, mango panna, jaljeera water or lassi and buttermilk throughout the day.

Wear full clothes- To avoid extreme heat and sun, wear only cotton or hosiery clothes. Wear full-waisted and loose clothes in summer. This helps the body to release heat and sweat and keep cool. Make children wear full-cover cotton clothes during these 9 days.

Wear an umbrella and glasses- If you are going out in the sun, then take an umbrella with you. Apply sunscreen to protect your eyes from the sun. Keep drinking water outside and keep your eyes covered with good-quality sunglasses. Keep a cotton handkerchief or soft tissue paper to wipe off sweat.

Do not go out at this time- Whatever work you do in summer, try to do it in the morning and evening. Do not go out of the house between 11 am and 4 pm. Especially do not let children and the elderly go out of the house at this time. Keep curtains drawn in the house and eat light food.