Easter 2024: 5 different Easter traditions and celebrations around the world

Mar 31, 2024

Easter, a significant Christian holiday commemorating the resurrection of Jesus Christ, is celebrated with various customs and traditions around the globe. While the essence remains the same, diverse cultures infuse their unique flavours into Easter festivities. As Easter 2024 approaches, let's explore five distinct Easter traditions and celebrations from different corners of the world.

Norway - Reading murder mystery

"Påskekrimmen," a Norwegian tradition, entails indulging in murder mystery and crime thrillers on Easter day. This custom is followed by numerous people worldwide. TV channels and publishers often prioritize airing murder mystery stories on this occasion. Additionally, milk manufacturers print murder mysteries and crime thrillers on milk cartons, further emphasising the widespread adoption of this tradition.

Poland - Śmigus-Dyngus (wet monday)

In Poland, Easter Monday takes on a playful and unconventional twist with the tradition of Śmigus-Dyngus, also known as Wet Monday. On this day, people engage in water fights and douse each other with water, buckets, and water guns. The origins of this tradition are believed to be rooted in pagan rituals symbolizing the cleansing and renewal of the earth in springtime. Despite its ancient roots, Śmigus-Dyngus remains a lively and joyous Easter tradition in Poland, bringing laughter and camaraderie to communities across the country.

United States - White House Easter egg roll

In the United States, the White House Easter Egg Roll has been a cherished tradition since the late 19th century. Families from all over the country gather on the White House lawn to participate in various activities, including egg rolling races, egg hunts, and storytelling sessions. The event, typically held on Easter Monday, brings together children and their families for a day of fun-filled festivities, with the iconic Easter Bunny making appearances throughout the day.

Greece - The great Corfu pot throwing

The Greek island of Corfu boasts a rather smashing Easter tradition. On Easter Saturday night, at the stroke of 11 pm, locals hurl clay pots from their balconies. The shattering of the pots signifies the parting of the earthquake that occurred during Christ's crucifixion.

Spain - Semana Santa (holy week) processions

Semana Santa, or Holy Week, is a deeply religious and elaborate observance in Spain, characterized by solemn processions that depict the Passion of Christ. Each region in Spain has its own unique traditions and rituals during Semana Santa, but some of the most famous processions take place in cities like Seville, Granada, and Malaga. Participants, dressed in traditional robes and hoods, march through the streets carrying ornate floats adorned with statues depicting scenes from the Easter story. The haunting music, incense-filled air, and intricate imagery create a profound atmosphere of reverence and devotion.