World Toilet Day 2023: Follow THESE tips related to hygiene while using toilet

Nov 20, 2023

World Toilet Day is celebrated every year on November 19 every year. The main objective of celebrating this day is to make people aware of the cleanliness of toilets. On this day people are told about the importance of using toilets and cleanliness. This day is also used to create awareness about the cleanliness of toilets and also to stop people from defecating in the open.

Toilet hygiene is essential for everyone. There is a risk of many types of infections due to using dirty toilets. In such a situation, it is very important to take care of hygiene. Hence, here are a few tips to maintain a healthy toilet hygiene. 

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  1. Take care of cleaning the toilet seat: The toilet seat is surrounded by millions of bacteria, in fact, due to dirty shoes and slippers, bacteria stick to it. In such a situation, you should take special care of the cleanliness of the toilet seat. Before or after using the toilet seat, clean it with toilet sanitizer.
  2. Flush like this: People can become victims of many serious diseases due to using dirty toilets. Bacteria accumulated on toilet seats can spread many types of infections. In such a situation, you should keep some things in mind while flushing. It is said that the toilet seat should be flushed after closing its lid.
  3. Take care of cleaning the toilet floor: Try to keep the toilet floor dry to remove germs. Bacteria spread rapidly due to moisture.
  4. Clean hands properly: Do you know how many germs you come in contact with while using the toilet? Yes, in such a situation you should take special care of cleanliness. Wash hands with soap immediately after using the toilet. Cleaning hands is very important for toilet hygiene. Apart from this, after washing hands, use a clean towel to dry them.
  5. Do not keep soap near the commode: If your toilet and bathroom are common, then do not keep any soap, shampoo, or any bathroom-related item near the commode.