Chhath Puja 2023: Essential do's and don'ts for a fulfilling Fast | Full list

Nov 16, 2023

The Chhath Puja, celebrated since Vedic times, extends beyond the boundaries of Bihar and has gained popularity in various states. This festival, rooted in devotion, is not limited to a particular community, attracting participants from diverse backgrounds. According to the Chhath Vrat Katha, Chhath Devi, the daughter of Lord Surya, holds a significant place in the celebration. Devsena, originating from the sixth part of the fundamental nature, is revered as the sixth mother, symbolizing the holistic connection with Lord Surya and the entire cosmos.

As Celebrity Astrologer Parduman highlights, Chhath Puja is set to commence on the morning of November 18th at 9:19 AM, with the fast-breaking ceremony (Paran) scheduled for November 20th. During this period, from November 18th to 20th, it is advised that family members abstain from consuming onions, garlic, and alcohol. Ensuring the cleanliness of the surroundings becomes paramount during these days. Adhering to these guidelines is believed to enhance the likelihood of fulfilling devotees' desires for progeny and ensuring a joyful life for their offspring. The festival primarily centers around the acquisition of progeny and the overall well-being of children.

Special Considerations for Chhath Puja Observance

Utensils: Avoid the use of silver, iron, steel, and plastic utensils during the puja. Opt for clay, gold, and copper utensils for a more auspicious observance.

Mat and Posture: Women observing the fast should lie on a kusha mat on the ground throughout the duration of the fast.

Nahay Khay Tradition: Following the tradition of Nahay Khay, participants are advised to bathe in the river and wear new clothes.

Historical Significance of Chhath Puja

Chhath Puja traces its roots back to early Vedic times, with sages practising fasting and worship using Rigvedic mantras. In the Mahabharata era, Draupadi's observance of the Chhath fast during challenging times resulted in the fulfillment of her wishes. Folk tradition emphasizes the sibling relationship between Lord Surya and Chhathi Maiya, making the worship of the sun on Chhath auspicious.

Chhath Puja Dates, Arghya Time, and Paran Time

November 17: Nahay-Khay. Sunrise at 6:45 AM. Sunset at 5:27 PM.

November 18: Kharna. Sunrise at 6:46 AM. Sunset at 5:26 PM.
November 19: Evening Arghya time at sunset 5:26 PM. The third day is crucial, with devotees offering arghya to the setting sun, followed by arranging fruits, thekua, rice laddoos, etc., in the arghya basket. Standing in the water of a river or pond, they offer arghya.
November 20: Sunrise at 6:47 AM. The tradition of offering arghya to the rising sun marks the conclusion of the Chhath festival, concluding the 36-hour fast.